Chihuahua-Zucht of European Friendship
Pedigree Divo

Pedigree Divo

Misty Meadow's I Am Amazing (Divo)





It. Ch.
Chidelia Cover of Cosmopolitan

Bel Ami Chi's Angelino

Misty Meadow's Mickey Mouse Int. CH, CH/99. 4, FIN, SWE,ITA, AM, MEX, WORLD Ch.
Suvikasteen Rollo
It Ch.
Paruzzi Sally Spectra
Panderosa's Rosita Bel Ami Chi's
Lovely-Little Timmy
Panderosa's Caramella
Misty Meadow's Dorisspeed Int, It Ch.
Misty Meadow's Maxspeed
It. Ch.
Misty Meadow's
Bart Simpson
Misty Meadow's Maewest
Misty Meadow's Dorisday Int, It Ch
Misty Meadow's Lovestory
Misty Meadow's Dancingpearl
Misty Meadow's Isaazzurra Misty Meadow's Flashlight Int, Fin, It, Spa Ch., Ch. Mond, Eur
Misty Meadow's Dancingmaster
Int, Fin, It Ch.
Misty Meadow's Dressedtodance
Int., Fin, Est Ch.
Mustan Ruhitinaan Kastehelmi
It. Ch.
Widogi Flash Suit
Widogi Flashman
Lorrashell Miss Sunshine Widogi
Rosalago MM's Isabella Stardust Di San Gimignano Int., It Ch.
Dachida's Abracadabra
Misty Meadow's
Heaven Can Wait
Arzillo Love Symphony INt., It. Ch.
Misty Meadow's Lovestory
Arzillo Silly Song
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